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Fifth Matriculation Ceremony

  • Friday November 15, 2013

M atriculation is a very important exercise for new (fresh) students of the Institute. Matriculation means your formal acceptance into CIBT and all its privileges as a student. It marks the end of registration because no student could or should be registered after matriculation. The President presides over matriculation ceremony. The ceremony involves taking the matriculation oath which is read out by the Registrar, and matriculating students read after him/her. After the oath, each matriculating student should sign it in order to become a bona fide student of the Institute. You are not a student until you have taken and signed the matriculation oath.

The fifth Matriculation ceremony of the Catholic Institute of Business and Technology took place at the Institutes campus on the 15th of November, 2013. Over 100 students were initiated as junior members having been welcomed and advised to recognize that University study requires total commitment to academic work, self-discipline and obedience to the rules of the Institute. The new Choir of the Institute was inaugurated at the ceremony.